STRATEGIC INVESTORS - for Financial Innovation & Risk Management
Strategic Investors in Financial Innovation & Risk Management (SIFIRM) is a world-class research franchise and forum for the investigation and discussion of new and innovative strategies, tools, and techniques in financial economics, especially as applied to issues related to risk management and other problems in the global capital markets.  In addition, SIFIRM invests its own capital in areas of compelling opportunity.
SIFIRM's research and policy interests include:
  • US and Global Economic Policy Analysis
  • International Finance & Credit
  • Innovative Portfolio Investment Strategies
  • Global Risk Measurement and Management
Chief among the many lessons that the current economic crisis has taught us is that the study of many pertinent economic problems and the investigation of possible regulatory solutions requires a set of tools, techniques, and strategies that go well beyond a single academic orientation.
The failure in investment and business innovation among the world’s leading financial institutions demonstrates the need for monitoring, measuring, and managing risk through a holistic and interdisciplinary approach. This approach must include and integrate finance and accounting, mathematics and statistics, computer and information technology, ethics, risk management, and portfolio theory.
Effective solutions can best be achieved by researchers and practitioners from a variety of technical disciplines working closely together and engaging in innovative thinking. Greater theoretical and empirical rigor will allow us to solve different and highly complex financial problems, of which risk management is perhaps the most pressing.
Financial economics is a living discipline and contains one of the shortest bridges between theory and practice.  As such, it is a dynamic, continuously evolving field that is often at the center of global political, economic, and social events.  As the discipline has evolved, approaches to investigating certain problems have become less ad-hoc and far more rigorous.
SIFIRM's academic mission is to support world class research center for the design, development, and dissemination of new investment and risk management strategies, techniques, and policies.
The emphasis is on innovative, practical approaches to risk management and other analytically intensive aspects of financial economics.